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There are many ways to learn with me from free resources to paid memberships and classes.

Here is a quick overview of all that I have to offer:

A Free Weekly Newsletter!

Every month you can look forward to hearing from me in your inbox a few times. (Never too much!) Every month I choose a theme to teach you more about and you can join a free feedback session too.


Collection Club: A Monthly Membership on Patreon

If you are looking to kick start your Surface Design portfolio and need the motivation, inspiration and accountability to design collections every month then this is the club for you. 


Free Private Facebook Community

As a more social extension of my newsletter you can interact with me everyday with our daily prompts. You can also access all the previous years of monthly theme content and feedback sessions. So much goodness here!


30+ Skillshare Classes

Looking to learn a new skill? I teach classes on Skillshare covering many  fun illustration and surface design subjects. Procreate illustration, pattern making, sketchbooking, creative business and more. 

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