There are many ways to learn with me from free resources to paid mentorships and many other classes and workshops in between. 

Here is a quick overview of all that I have to offer:

Monthly EmmaKisstina Newsletter


Sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter to learn more about the ins and outs of the illustration and surface pattern design business from my honest experiences working full time for the past decade. I cover everything and anything from how to find your signature style, raster vs. vector, benefits of working in mini collections, how to find clients, marketing and loads more. By signing up you will also receive updates to my current and future paid offerings such as Skillshare classes, e-books, or online workshops.

Subscribe and receive my free 3 day video series: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started in Illustration and Surface Design plus my 5 Building Blocks of a Sustainable Full-Time Creative Career & Checklist PDF right away! :)

Private Facebook Group


I created the Private Facebook group EmmaKisstina Insiders to build a community for us to get to know one another better. My hope is that it is a safe, inspiring space for us to discuss our questions and concerns as we navigate our creative careers. Through weekly prompts we can start conversations.

Every month I post a casual chat video where I take you behind the scenes into my own business or bring up subjects you have questions about. I also host one free feedback session so you can get constructive feedback on your work.

EmmaKisstina Blog


Stemming from the content I write for the newsletter and the Private Facebook group but with a whole lot more clarity and editing I create blog posts to educate you further about the business side of illustration and surface pattern design.

Read posts about my creative journey, my creative process, new work, announcements, organisational tips, income reports and more. 

Skillshare Classes

Check Skillshare for current rates.

Skillshare is an incredible resource that I enjoy both as Top Teacher and student!

The monthly membership gives you not only unlimited access to my 20+ classes but to 20k other classes from countless incredibly inspiring teachers.

My Skillshare classes cover subjects from creating hand drawn half drop repeats to pricing for creatives and much more plus more to come!

Bonus Jonas! New members can get a FREE trial via the link below :)

DIY Your Creative Career E-Book & Career Roadmaps

(or psst $10 when you sign up
for my newsletter.)

OMG I wrote a book!

In this e-book I spill it all about my creative career journey and all the things you need to know to DIY your very own career as a full time illustrator or surface pattern designer.

I also have put together 2 comprehensive career start up roadmaps for anyone interested in kick starting their illustration or surface design careers.

These are great affordable references for anyone just starting out in a creative career.

EmmaKisstina Academy Online Workshops 

$47 - $297

I love teaching so besides my Skillshare classes I wanted to offer my very own more in depth courses and live workshops.


My current offerings are:

• Airtable for Creatives course

Private Mentorship

$50 - $750

The number one feedback I get from students is they love my honesty and willingness to share my knowledge. I love teaching and helping and I am now so excited to start offering private mentorship programs of different price levels.

Anything from quick portfolio reviews to several month mentorships I should have something to suit you and your needs. I can't wait to get inside your business and help you achieve all of your goals and dreams. (So cheesy but true!)