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A New Career Kick Start E-Guide!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Hello Friends!

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a resource out there that would guide you through a 6th month plan for getting your illustration or surface design business running? That outlined exactly how your basic portfolio should be set up and when to contact art buyers and make new work? Well you're in luck, (lol I'm such a dork!) because I created this resource. The Illustration and Surface Design Career Roadmap!

When I was just starting out in 2010 as a full time illustrator, I had absolutely no plan and no creative friends to get advice from. It was pretty much the medieval ages back then. There was no Instagram or Pinterest or Skillshare or Facebook groups to turn to. So I spent years and years figuring everything out on my own using trial and error. If I were to say I made a few mistakes that would be an understatement. I made many many many mistakes, but every time I learned something and improved. While that's all fine and dandy and something that you can test out as well, why would you when I can guide you through a much more streamlined process and you can save yourself years of struggle and uncertainty.

I created this resource for you so that you don't have to go through years and years of trial and error and can jump into a creative career in illustration or surface design (or both!) a whole lot more smoothly, with a lot more structure. I want you to succeed for real!

This 50 page e-guide PDF starts off by outlining your career options then moves into the essential skills you need and then outlines exactly how a basic portfolio could be set up. (There are soooo many ways of doing things but I am sharing what I have learnt and recommend.) After we get the basics covered I take you on a 6 month journey to set up your business legally, with a website and your gorgeous new portfolio, plus find clients and more. After 6 months (with schedules I have provided, yay) you'll be ready to start pitching your work and start marketing, selling and taking on commissioned projects.

To finish the guide (my favorite part!) I coach you on how to maintain upkeep in your new small creative business so that you add structure to your business. I outline exactly (again with schedules and examples to help you) recurring tasks you should be doing every month. When to contact buyers, when to create new work and all that jazz. I don't want you to just be ready for launching your business but set it up for the long run! Sustainability, baby!

And to make sure that you are extra covered the e-guide comes with a couple of helpful bonuses. Sell Sheets Templates to professionally present your portfolio collections and single artworks, Airtable Base Templates, Quote & Invoice Templates, and a couple fun planner pages too. I also tried to make the guide fun to read with pretty illustrations and other fun design elements.

If you can't tell I am incredibly excited to bring you this resource. It is the exact thing I would have died for when just starting out. This is not what I did, but what I wish I had and if I could go back in time I would do now. Where's a time machine when you need one?

The guide is offered in 2 versions with specific examples for the Illustration or Surface Design industries. They are pretty much the same thing but I also offer a very discounted bundle if you are interested in both.

Head over to to learn more and purchase a guide for yourself.

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