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THE GIRL: Born 1984, I grew up in the States. Gorgeous Portland, Maine to be exact. I had a wonderful all American childhood taking ballet classes, climbing trees, making crafts worthy of the refrigerator, attending Little League games and cookouts. My family and I have also spent some time in way too hot Tampa, Florida where I got quite a few sunburns and a BFA degree. I should also mention I'm Swedish, both my parents are Swedish and I grew up in a Swedish bubble in the USA.

One year after graduating college I bought a one way ticket to live and create in my dream city, rather chilly Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. Stockholm, made all my dreams come true. It's my dream city, I worked my way to my dream job of freelance illustrating, and even met the boy of my dreams to top it all off. In October 2016 we welcomed our beautiful son Stark to the family! December 2017 our little family moved out of the city to a stunningly beautiful quaint small town called Mariefred, Sweden. And in October 2018 we welcomed our precious daughter Tilly to our family and we feel so very complete!


THE BRAND: EmmaKisstina was born one year after I graduated college with a BFA degree and a portfolio full of work I wasn't really connected to or proud of; it was also just plain weird. I didn't want to give up on the dream of working with art full time so I finally decided to create simple illustrations in my favorite medium (paper and ink) with a touch of digital to make my illustrations available at a price point anyone could afford, and started to draw the things we have around us, that define who we are, what we like, and make us happy.... or anything pink! 

It all started with my first illustration of the iconic fragrance Chanel N°5 I drew on my bedroom floor in 2007. I never thought that first simple illustration would turn into a full time illustration career just 3 short years later. (So glad it did though!)

EmmaKisstina is a one woman show. All aspects of running this business are completed by me, Kristina from the comfort of my home studio in Mariefred, Sweden. Everything from customer service to shipping and of course the creation of my original illustrations and textile designs are made with lots of love by me. 

Kristina's work is represented by licensing agent:

Pink Light Studio in the United States.

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