My absolute favorite custom illustration projects to work on are my custom what's in my bag portraits. I've created 80+ and each one is completely different. Send me a list with your favorite hand bag and personal items and I'll create a custom illustration that represents you and your uniqueness! Order one for you and one for your bestie!

How it works:

• Order the custom listing in the size you prefer. Pay in full.

Sizes: 30x40cm or 50x70cm (or another size of your choice, let me know!)

• I'll get in touch to request your unique list of items. Approx. 10 things usually fits!

Please include photos or links so I can easily recognise them. Let me know of any other specifics such as colors or other special details you'd like me to include.

• I'll start work on a first sketch creating a composition with all of your items.

• We move on to the outline ink drawing as soon as you've approved the sketch. 

• And then the even more fun part. Color!

• Once finalised & approved by you I print, & ship it home to you!

What you get:

• 1 x poster print in the size of your choice.

Sizes: 30x40cm or 50x70cm

• Signed and dated by me the artist.

Prices starting at 1800SEK (approx. $198)

For more inspiration as to how your's could look visit my Pinterest boards below.

All images and content are the property of Kristina Hultkrantz. Do not use these artworks without credit or consent. Copyright ©2020 Kristina Hultkrantz