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It is important to me to offer learning content for free along side my premium content. I know first hand how difficult it was starting out in a creative career and I want to share all that I know so your journey doesn't have to be as rocky, long or uncertain.

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Since becoming a Teacher (or maybe since becoming a Mom) I have relished in sharing my own unique view point as to how to create original artwork and run a creative business. I wanted to create a way to share as much free information as I can in the best way possible so this weekly newsletter and private Facebook group came to be. And this is what it's all about!


You'll immediately receive my freebie pdf 5 Building Blocks of a Sustainable Full Time Creative Career and Checklist which will guide you through the steps to take if you are just starting out as an illustrator or surface pattern designer, with actual examples. 

Plus the password to my resource library!


Join our private Facebook group to chat, share and discuss with other like minded creative entrepreneurs. It's a safe space to grow and inspire each other. :)

Every Wednesday I upload a casual video chatting about industry stuff, answering your questions or giving you peeks into the behind the scenes of my business. On occasion I host Q&A sessions and critiques.


I am beyond excited to host mini workshops and challenges to help you build your portfolio, beef up your design skills, inspire you to organise and increase productivity and grow your creative business. Some will be free and others will be paid workshops.


I'll be periodically updating this resource library to bring you content such as worksheets to define your style, inspire your creativity or help you to grow your business.


This is totally not a one sided thing. I am here for you and ready to help in any way I can. Know that there is a real person, me, behind all the emails and feel free to hit that reply button and tell me your story or bring me your questions and concerns.


Because we will now become best internet friends I of course want you to be the first to know when I release new classes, products or other special offers just for you. I hope you won't mind that periodically I will be promoting certain products or services and my the amount of emails with increase for a little while. I'll do my best to never be salesy!

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