Struggling with a current collection, not sure what steps to take next? Got 5000 questions? In this quick 2 part 30 min chat you can feel free to pick my brain and gain some clarity on how to get the ball rolling on what ever it is that is holding you back at the moment. 


For example: In the first call we can talk through all your questions and I can help you to get started with some first steps and in the second call we can do follow up on how everything went and then talk about your next steps.



2 x video calls for 30 minutes each via Zoom 


After purchase you will receive a digital download pdf with more information about how to prepare for our call as well as a link to book a time. Note: the pdf is the same as the original 30 mini chat. You will receive two calls. After the first call we can book the second call together.

Mini Mentorship