As an artist/illustrator/surface designer having a signature style is important. It's what sets you apart and makes your artwork valuble to clients. They will want to work with you because you offer something unique and special!


But it's not always so easy to figure out how to define one's style. It is a natural artistic process that will happen for you. Everyone has a signature style inside of them. It just usually takes a lot of time to develop. With this simple but very effective workbook you can speed up this process with the 5 exercises that I outline in detail. Woo hoo!


NOTE: This workbook was created in conjunction with one of my Skillshare classes: Define Your Signature Style. You receive the workbook for free as a part of the class. If you are not a member of Skillshare I have therefore made the workbook available here in my shop. Feel free to take the class instead! :)


This is what students have said about my class and workbook:

"Excellent class! Kristina gives really great advice and clear actionable steps to create a signature style." - Julie

"I enjoyed Kristina's thorough examples of how I can find my signature style. It was fun and not as intimidating as I thought. Through her techniques, I discovered my color palette and the style of art that I like to help me start creating patterns and illustrations." - Bisola



In this workbook I will be sharing a fast forwarding process of defining an art style.

We will cover the following:


  • Why having a signature style is important and helpful.
  • A look at 15 artists with very defined styles.
  • And 5 exercises to speed up the process of defining your style. Homework time! (I swear it's fun homework.)



Along the way the workbook has many pages of fillable worksheets for you to fill out and contemplate. Even though this is a simple resource I think you will get a lot out of it as long as you put in the work