There are approximately 5 gagillion planners out there. Each one claiming that they are the best and are going to change your life and make you the most successful and productive person on the planet. I am not going to boast that I've created such a planner, it's just a planner. But it's my planner! I created it to use personally and work for me and I really really like it and thought that you might too. :)


What sets my planner apart is that it is very simple and to the point. I didn't want to fill my planner with habit trackers and other distractions. Instead I've included many different types of pages to break down the year from quarters, to months to weeks so that you can easily break down everything that you'd like to get done in a very simple and systematic way. I also included review pages so that you can take the time to admire your progress and think back on the months and year you've had.  It's so important to have this time of reflection. Also I think the planner is quite cute :)


What's great is that this planner is completely blank so you can reuse it every year and can start it when ever you like!


Digital planner specs:

• The planner is digital. You will receive a zip file including the GoodNotes version and PDF version. I personally use the iPad App GoodNotes with this planner imported. You can also choose to print out the PDF version or use in another digital app.

• Size A4

• 102 pages.


This is what is included:

• 1 Year Intentions page.

• 1 Year at a Glance Calendar.

• 1 Quarterly Plans page.

• Quarter 1-4 Plans pages.

• 12 Monthly Schedule pages.

• 12 Monthly Calendar pages.

• 52 Weekly Schedule pages.

• 12 Monthly Review pages.

• 4 Quarterly 1-4 Review pages.

• 1 Yearly Review page.


I really hope you enjoy using this planner as much as I do and are able to acheive everything that you dream of! (Just make sure to take many well deserved breaks.)

EmmaKisstina Blank Planner