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New in my Portfolio!

Hi Friends!

Last year in 2020 I had so much extra time (didn't we all) to really take the time to dive into my style and refine it. I feel like my art is finally going in a direction that feels really me that I'm super proud of. I've amped up my colors, I've taken away many of my black outlines and I've started to play with a little texture in my work too. And I just feel like my illustrations are softer and freer and I'm honestly way more inspired to create right now. This is an incredible feeling and I hope it lasts!

Here are a couple of my latest illustrations added to my EmmaKisstina Portfolio.

If you are interested in purchasing a print you can check out my webshop where I have 6 sizes available and many of my illustrations to choose from. If you don't see a print that you'd like, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me :)

xoxo Kristina

Copyright © 2020, All Rights Reserved to Kristina Hultkrantz. Please do not use, copy, steal my artwork. If you would like to license my artwork for your business please email me:

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