It's here! My first ever e-book!
DIY Your
Creative Career: 
5 phases to building a sustainable illustration & surface pattern design career.

Starting out in a creative career doesn't have to be overwhelming or unattainable. With a pinch of guidance and some insight from someone who's gone before you, you can go full time with your illustration and surface pattern design too!

This digital e-book includes:

• An 80 page digital PDF file for instant download after purchase.

• 10+ digitally fillable worksheet pages. Open up the PDF in Preview on Mac to fill in your answers right on your computer.

The book is broken up into 6 chapters going over 5 phases for building your creative career. These are all the subjects and topics I go into depth that you can find in the book.
1. My journey:

• A few things I love about being my own boss.

• Growing up.

• Starting EmmaKisstina.

• A few things I wish I had done differently at the beginning of my career.

• Making changes.

• A few things I started to do differently to reignite my business.

• EmmaKisstina and the future.


2. Phase 1:

• Identify your business and core values.

• Identify your niche, style and focus.

• Examples of designers with strong signature styles.

• Identify your big career dream.

• The evolution of your creative career. 5 potential scenarios.

• A few careers I admire.

• Mindset shifts for the professional artist.

• Making an income as a professional illustrator and surface pattern designer.

• 12 ways to make money as an illustrator and surface pattern designer.

• Designing your personal brand.

• A few thoughts on my own branding.

• Your portfolio.

• Example portfolio pages and sell sheet.

• Get your portfolio ready to be easily viewed by art directors and buyers in creative ways.

• Never stop learning.

• Supplies and technology.

3. Phase 2:

• Your website.

• Marketing platforms.

• Consistency, honesty and positivity.

• How the #@%! do I get clients!

• Say goodbye to the fear of your work being stolen.

• Coypyrights.


4. Phase 3:

• Treat your business like a business.

• Banking, accounting, taxes and budgeting.

• Getting legal. Contracts.

• Price confidently.

• Calculate your rock bottom minimum wage.

• Calculate your realistic goal wage.

• Get your files organized.

• My collections Airtable base.

• My contacts Airtable base.

5. Phase 4:

• Dreams, goals, and plans. Map out your path to success.

• Develop your solid plan.

• What can you accomplish in a year.

• Design your quarter, month and week.

• Batching is your new business BFF.

• Emailing like a pro.

• Collaborations, exposure, trade and press.

• Short term and long term activities to grow your creative business.

• What to do when business is slow.

6. Phase 5:

• What kind of support do you need?

• Test, adapt and pivot. Maintaining a sustainable fulfilling creative career.

• Self care for the creative.