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I would love to work with you 1 on 1 with everything and anything you need to help make your creative business the best that it can be. 

Here are the different packages I offer but feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

$ 50

Mini Chat

Struggling with a current collection, not sure what steps to take next? In this quick 30 min chat you can feel free to pick my brain and gain some clarity on how to get the ball rolling on what ever it is that is holding you back at the moment.



1 video call for

30 minutes

$ 350

1 Month Mentorship

If you'd like a little more personal guidance I would be happy to work with you for a full month to make an action plan on where to take your work and career for the next 6 months!


• 2 video call consultations for

1 hour

• 1 month of support via Messenger

• 6 month business action plan

$ 150

Portfolio Review

In this in depth 1 hour video call we will look over your artwork, website and social media to assess how to improve your portfolio and how to market it in the best way catering to your specific audience and career goals.


1 video call for

45 - 60 minutes

$ 750

3 Month Mentorship

And lastly, if you'd like a lot more personal guidance I would be happy to work with you for 3 months to make an action plan on where to take your work and career for the next year and beyond!


• 4 x video calls for

1 hour each

• 3 months of support via Messenger

• 1 Year business action plan


I’ve really enjoyed working with Kristina. She’s helped me answer a lot of questions I had around income streams for my illustration work and did so by giving me really practical advice and sharing insights and knowledge from her 10+ years working as an illustrator. She is such a gem and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity and direction in their creative work.

- Miranti K.

"Kristina's classes are always perfect, she's really natural and honest and her classes are very engaging. She is very clear with her lessons and she talks about personal, real life examples, giving useful tools to her students."

- Daniela O.

"Hi Kristina,

Thank you so much for your generosity teaching! I like that you give more information than other teachers, giving tips that are really helpful for students trying to enter in this business."

- Leandra B.

"I have viewed several of Kristina’s classes and have found them very insightful. Her experience is evident. Definitely would suggest to anyone looking to get organized as a professional."

- Lauren R.

"OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM ABSOLUTELY STUNNED BY THIS TEACHER <3 I smiled literally the whole class and I felt so cozy and comfortable. She is so alive and honest I wish we were friends! And truly, so brave and inspiring to not only work on herself but also support others in similar struggles. Heading to the fb page RIGHT NOW, awesome person and awesome class <3"

- Anetka D.

Why Work with Me?


Alright, it's time for me to majorly toot my own horn!

It is important to me that you know where I am coming from, what I have for merits and why you can put your trust in me while you are building your very own business.

I pride myself on being honest and giving actionable constructive feedback.

Here are a few things that I can help you with:

• Validation and a confidence boost. Sometimes you think your work is good and ready to share with the world but you need the validation to know that you are on the right path.

• Define your signature style. 

• Branding. I would be happy to help you create cohesive branding and marketing for your business.

• Organization. Have you heard of Airtable? I would be happy to help you get organized so you can achieve all of your dreams and plans as efficiently as possible.

• And lastly, what should those dreams and plans even be. I would be happy to work with you to figure out your own specific niche, focus and plan of action. Because creative careers are not "one size fits all."

If you have any further questions about my mentorship programs doing hesitate to contact me.


Even though I have a formal art education (I have a BFA in traditional Drawing and Painting) I consider myself very self taught.


I taught myself digital illustration and built up EmmaKisstina on my own. I went from creating artwork in pretty much any medium under the sun with very weird subject matter (think nose people) to creating EmmaKisstina illustrations pretty much over night. I have tried many things, made many mistakes but have learnt sooooo much throught out the years.


I have sold over 3000+ art prints of my illustrations to customers literally all over the world. (That's a pretty huge validation of your work!)

I also have some experience selling my work wholesale to retail shops and have had experience and success selling my work on flash sale sites.

I have also previously worked with a Public Relations company in Sweden for a period of time to market my products.


I have had the pleasure of working on hundreds (I think around 300+) of custom illustrations for customers also all over the world. I've worked with huge companies like Neiman Marcus, Tarte Cosmetics and Klorane but also many small start ups and regular people like you and me.


With every project comes a new experience which is unique and exciting. (Well most of the time, some customers will make you want to rip your hair out! Anyhow, I have learnt how to navigate delivering what a client wants without loosing my artistic vision.)


I have sold/licensed my work to companies such as Joann Fabric, Hobby Lobby, Paint Brush Studio Fabrics and Full Circle Home.


I have experience selling and licensing my work on my own, with the help of my art collective Swedish Creatures and my agent at Pink Light Studio. So, 3 different ways!

I have experience in several markets from magazine editorial work, book publishing, clothing, textile design, wall art, packaging design and more.


I've exhibited at tradeshows both in Sweden and in NYC and have gotten to talk to Art Directors face to face. As well as of course via email through my many freelance projects.


What are they looking for? How do they think? This is a constant question.

My work has been shown at tradeshows including:

• Surtex

• Printsource

• Blueprint

• Formex


Besides teaching myself I am also often a student. I take tons of Skillshare classes on the regular and sometimes other stand alone classes as well. There are so many teachers out there who's content is full of fluff and they only ever scratch the surface leaving me wanting more. "You can be what ever you put your mind to." (Umm ok thanks.) "To achieve your goals you have to make plans and stick to them." (Well yeah, duh, but how?!)


I don't know if I'm just an over sharer or what but I want to make sure that you actually learn something in my teachings. I would prefer that I overwhelm you with information than underwhelm.


Last but not least, I have been working with an agent for the past year and have learnt so much about the ins and outs of the Art licensing industry and how to adapt my own work to fit into this industry because it's a bit different from editorial work that I've been focusing on.


And I am 100% willing to teach you all that I know so that you can do the same. What sells, what are companies looking for? etc. etc.

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