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My first ever
DIY Your
Creative Career: 

5 phases to building a sustainable illustration & surface pattern design career.

Starting out in a creative career doesn't have to be overwhelming or unattainable. With a pinch of guidance and some insight from someone who's gone before you, you can go full time with your illustration and surface pattern design too! I'm so excited to share this e-book with you. I spill it all about my decade long creative career so far and it's a perfect resource for anyone just starting out or if you are just curious as to what I'm all about :)


This digital e-book includes:

• An 80 page digital PDF file for instant download after purchase.

• 10+ digitally fillable worksheet pages. Open up the PDF in Preview on Mac to fill in your answers right on your computer or on your iPad too.

The book is broken up into 6 chapters going over 5 phases for building your creative career. Here is an overview of the chapters. You can also view a more detailed table of contents in the images above.

My Journey

In this introductory chapter I tell the story of how EmmaKisstina came to be and how it has adapted and changed through the years.

Phase 1

In this chapter we will go over your business ground work from defining your niche, portfolio, branding, mindset and the different ways you can make money and more.

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Phase 2

In this chapter I outline different options for how to market yourself, how to find clients, navigating copyright as well as what to do if your work is stolen.

Phase 3

In this chapter it's time to get nerdy. We're gonna talk about pricing, contracts, taxes, monetary goals as well as how to keep all your digital files organised.

I've been kicking my to do list's butt t
Phase 4

In this chapter I outline how to map out your goals and plans so they can be realistically achieved as well as short term and long term activities to grow your business & more.

Phase 5

Last but not least in this chapter I share the different ways that you can find support in the form of groups, art collectives, agents, or coaches as well as tips for self care as an artist.

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